Mo Chara is extremely well bred and correct.

With his mama, Woodlands Royal Patience

That’s him on the right, saying he remembers his trailer training and is happy to hang out there!

He is learning new skills daily

Spring training has begun!  He’s working his way through our structured lessons on how to a skilled member of a loving Connemara family.  He’s a big moving, responsive guy so we’re beginning with desensitization, which makes learning everything afterwards so much smoother.  At 15h and 9” of bone, he’s quite something. 

At 15h, he can carry an adult rider with ease.

He is that unicorn:  A 15h big moving grey purebred gelding ready to join a family and have a career!  Very fairly priced at $6000.  SOLD to CCI* eventer Ann Baumgardner.  Congratulations to Ann and Mo Chara from the DayStar family!  We look forward to following your adventures and exploits together!